Wake Up Light Dab: What Are The Benefits You Should Know?

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Say no to waking up aggressively to a harsh alarm sound or an ear-splitting alarm clock blasting at a complete volume! The wake-up light dab is your perfect solution as it contributes to a happy, healthy rise every morning! I encourage you to read on if you want to learn more about this smart device.


Each of us deals with a dreary routine of sleeping and waking. We have all been there – pushing ourselves to get out of bed with the feeling of having an insufficient sleep even when we slept early the night before. Fortunately, the wake-up light dab is crafted to solve our problems about waking up.

What makes it beneficial to us is better than standard alarms?

If you have never been heard even a bit about the wake-up alarm clock, then you’re definitely missing the chance to wake up a lot easier than you usually do with your standard sound alarm. The wake-up light dab is assured to make each of your morning a lot healthier and help you scrape out of bed in time. Another impressive thing about the gadget is that it features a DAB FM radio to help make your morning a little more fun.

How Can A Wake Up Light Dab Benefit Both Your Body and Mind?

Aside from helping you prevent sleep inertia, a wake-up light dab has also many other benefits for your general well-being and sleep.

Wake up in a more natural manner

Over millions of years, our bodies have developed to waking up with the sun rising. Human eyes consist of photoreceptors that make use of early morning light signal to prepare the cortisol or other hormone cocktails. This helps our mind and body prepare for the day ahead.

With the gradual sender effect of a wake-up light dab, your brain can react to the light and make sure you are entirely ready for wakefulness.

Wake up less stressfully

Before we open our eyes, wake up lights help us to relieve our body out of its REM sleep condition slowly. This will make it easier for you to get up in bed after the first alarm, instead of having to listen to two or more alarm sounds. When you are in a lighter state of sleep, you can also wake up to more peaceful and calm alarm tones instead of harsh and loud tones.

Get out of bed faster

Most of you may be thinking that you become fully alert once a loud sound frightens you wide-awake from a deep sleep. This is not really the case, though. The truth is, your brain is still playing catch-up.

The sleep inertia’s fuddled sensation holds you up and makes it difficult for you to get out of bed. But with a wake-up alarm, waking yourself up fully can be achieved as well as give your brain and body a chance to prepare for the sleep and wakefulness shift.

Waking up in dark mornings and winter is easier

SAD or seasonal affective disorder is a medical condition in which lack of daylight can lead to depression and several other mood complaints. It is also popularly known that exposure to various light levels can have a severe effect on a person’s psychological health. A wake-up light dab has a light therapy that utilizes a bright lamp for treating winter depression or SAD.

Helps regulate wake hormones and sleep

When an alarm clock crudely wakes you up in the middle of sleep, it can have a negative impact on the subtle balance of hormones that helps in regulating your wake and sleep cycles. These hormones are melatonin and cortisol.

Improve levels of morning energy

We all want to achieve those happy and healthy get-ups in the morning for a more productive day. And, wake up light dab is such a huge help in turning this little dream into reality. It helps improve our morning energy levels to prepare better each task and activities assigned to us.


A wake-up light dab can be everyone’s best friend when it comes to a good morning. It doesn’t only help in waking you up less stressful and naturally, but also get out of bed quicker and improve energy levels.

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