How to Wake Up Early and Not Feel Tired

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For most of us, waking up early is one of the worst things we can imagine. There’s nothing worse than dragging yourself out of your comfortable bed to get ready when all you want to do is close your eyes and go back to sleep. While you may never enjoy getting up early, there are a lot of things you can do to make the experience better.

How can you make yourself feel less tired when you wake up? Try to practice the right habits in the evening, at night, and in the morning. Pick up habits that support restful and refreshing sleep, not just lengthy sleep (they’re not the same thing!). I want to help you wake up better, so if you’re interested you can check out the habits I’ve listed below for waking up early without feeling tired.


What to Do Before You Go to Bed

Here are the things I would recommend you to do before you go to sleep the night before you are waking up early. You don’t have to do all of them, but try one or two at a time and see if they have any effect for you.

Think about what you are excited to do tomorrow

It’s a good idea to come up with a few reasons why you are happy to wake up tomorrow. Think of at least one thing you are looking forward to the next day and keep that in your head as you try to sleep.

Stick to a consistent routine, including your bedtime

If you stay consistent in your sleeping habits, your body will be able to fall asleep more quickly. Any time you have to adjust your habits, including your bedtime, you are risking making it harder to fall asleep.

Stay away from caffeinated foods and sweets at night

These two categories of food have the biggest negative effects on your sleeping habits. Other types of foods and beverages can also affect you, but sugar and caffeine have the largest effects.

Put down your phone at least 30 minutes before you sleep

Looking at a bright screen right before bed can trick your mind into thinking it’s still light outside, meaning it’s not time for sleep. This is the exact opposite of what you want before bed, so try to put away all of your technology at least 30 minutes before you sleep. Try something old-school instead, such as reading a paper book.

Set up your morning needs as much as possible

If there’s anything you can do to shorten your morning preparation time, do it the evening before. This can include things like setting up the coffee maker and picking your outfit.

If you sleep with a partner, try to sleep happy

Going to sleep when you’re mad at each other can be very bad for your quality of sleep. Anger causes stress, which will make it difficult to sleep and will make your sleep feel less restful. If you are happy with each other, you will sleep better. Period.

Eat earlier, rather than later

If your body has to work hard to digest while you’re trying to sleep, you won’t be able to fall asleep or rest as easily. Also, if your body does happen to digest the meal and gives you energy from it, you will find it hard to fall sleep.

How to Get More Restful Sleep

These are my tips for getting a more restful night’s sleep:

  • Keep your temperature just right

Whether you’re sweating or shivering, you aren’t sleeping well. Try to prepare yourself to be very comfortable at night in any weather conditions. Keep some spare blankets around in case it gets chilly at night, and put a sheet on your bed for the warmer nights.

  • Get some fresh air, if you can

If it’s possible, open up a window in your room at night. This obviously isn’t practical for everybody, but the fresh air can actually help you sleep more comfortably.

  • Regulate noise in your room

Noise or obnoxious noises are awful when you’re asleep. If they don’t wake you up, they might bring you to a lighter sleep state and keep you from getting the most restful, deepest sleep you need. White noise machines, ear plugs, and other noise-fighting items can help you with this one.

The Best Morning Routine Ideas for a Great Wakeup

Now, when it comes to your morning habits, there are a lot of things you should be doing that can affect how tired you will feel. Even if it’s the early morning, try to follow some or all of these tips:

Never push the snooze button

Snoozing an extra 5 or 10 minutes might seem like a good idea at the time, but it’s horrible for you. When you hit snooze, you are only drifting back into light sleep and never into deep sleep. This means you won’t feel more refreshed or any different at all once the alarm blares again! Try using a better alarm clock, such as a wake up light alarm, and avoid clicking snooze at all costs.

Get out of bed immediately

The longer you stay in bed in the morning, the worse you will feel. Get out of bed immediately after you wake up if you want the best chance of beating tiredness!

Step outside for a moment

Fresh air and the bright sunshine are great for waking you up in the morning. A dose of outside might be just the thing to get you going after you wake up. If you can, have your breakfast and coffee outside, or just spend a minute or two in the morning air before you start getting prepared for the day.

Plan for a stress-free wakeup

Know what you need to do in the morning before you wake up. If you aren’t sure what you need to do and you find out a lot of last minute tasks, then you will be stressed and tired.

This also means planning ahead and knowing what time you should be waking up to give yourself enough time in the morning. Plan to sleep early enough to get the rest you need.

Wash your face with cool water

A splash of cool water in the morning has a way of making you feel instantly more alert and awake. Try it the next time you’re waking up early! It will make you feel fresh and much more awake.

Exercise for 10 to 15 minutes

If you can exercise within a few minutes of waking up, your day is off to a great start! This is one of the best ways of getting yourself moving in the morning, because it gets your blood pumping and your body working. Being active in the early morning will help you to stay active the rest of the day and keep yourself more alert and awake.

Make your bed every day

This is a simple, but effective trick. If you get out of bed and make it, you will be less likely to get back into bed. A bed that’s made looks less appealing for sleep than an unmade, messy bed.


Waking up early doesn’t have to be as difficult as it feels right now. Try out some of these habits and see if you can banish some of the tiredness from your mornings.

What do you think of my lists? Do you have anything to add that’s worked for you? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!


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