What is a Wake Up Call App and Is It a Good Idea?

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Are you one of the millions of people around the world that has trouble waking up in the morning? Traditional alarm clocks are just not always effective, especially because of the snooze buttons that we keep pressing over and over.

So what’s a better way to wake up in the morning? There are a lot of different options. I want to talk about wakeup call apps and how they compare to other, more natural waking methods. Are wakeup call apps useful, do they work, and how do they affect your wake up experience?

What is a Wake Up Call App and Is It a Good Idea

What is a Wake Up Call Alarm App?

Apps for waking up vary in type, but the wakeup call apps that have gained momentum are unique from other waking up methods. Instead of a buzzing or ringing sound, these alarms signal someone to call you in the morning to wake you up.

The most popular wake up apps lump people into two groups based on what they want or need. You might be one of the ones to wake someone up or to be awoken. If you want someone to give you a wakeup call, you will set up your alarm time on the app and it will alert the other members when it’s time to call you for a wakeup. No personal information is given out and the call is made directly through the application.

Those who want to wake up others will call at the appointed times and have around 1 – 5 minutes to chat, ask questions, be friendly, and help the other person to wake up well. If no one is available, the app automatically calls you and plays a fun pre-recorded message.

How Does It Help You Wake Up?

In the most basic terms, wake up calling apps are meant to help engage your brain early in the morning when you want to be awake. Rather than simply awaking to a loud noise as usual, you’ll hear your phone ring, answer it, and have to talk with a stranger for a short time before hanging up.

It’s assumed that the majority of people hear their phone ring more easily and are willing to wake up for it. Our minds are programmed to respond to the phone when it rings, based on years of training ourselves to hear our phone ringers and pay attention to them. Alarm clocks are seen as important, but none of us is nearly as eager to rise for an alarm than for a phone ringing.

When you answer the phone to a familiar voice such as a family member or a good friend, it’s easier to ignore it and go back to sleep quickly. However, when you’re launched into speaking with a stranger you will be forced to wake up more quickly, as your brain engages differently with strangers than it does with voices you know well.

Are Wake Up Call Apps a Good Idea?

The concept of wake up calling apps is simple enough, but there are some problems with them in a general sense. Although it has never really been mentioned as an issue, some people are a little concerned about creeps getting into the system and bringing a lot of weird, perverse conversation to the apps wakeup calls.

Another thing that turns some people off to the apps is that they are structured somewhat like a dating service, where you can try to find the person who woke you up after the call is cut off. This might be nice for some using the service, but most people are just trying to wake up on time.

Lastly, there are many people that simply don’t want to interact with strangers, especially not in the morning when they have just woken up. Those who are more extroverted and open to random interactions might be able to wake up well and have a good morning, but anyone who doesn’t like the idea of talking with strangers first thing after they wake up will not enjoy a wake up calling app.

Wake Up Call Apps Versus Wake Up Lights

The bottom line is that wakeup call apps are just like setting a normal alarm clock. Yes, you may be more likely to wake up for it and there is no snooze button, but you’ll still be rousing yourself from whatever sleep stage with a loud noise and surprise. No matter if you’re talking to your wake up caller or just hitting the snooze button, this is not an ideal way to wake up.

It’s better to wake your body up more naturally. Rather than surprising yourself into being awake, you should use a device like a wake up alarm clock to naturally get your body into a better state before you actually wake.

Wake up light alarms gradually turn on an increasingly brighter light to simulate the sun as it rises. Even when your eyes are closed, they can still detect the increasing light in the room and will begin to lighten your sleep to help you wake up more easily.

Almost anyone can use a wake up light without trouble, except some heavier sleepers who may not be able to sense the light in the room as well or people who usually sleep with their eyes obstructed.


Wake up call applications are an interesting idea that seem to work well for some people, but in my opinion it’s better to go with a wake up light alarm instead. This way you’ll wake up more easily every day, you won’t have any uncomfortable encounters with strangers on the phone, and you will be in a much better mood and state of mind when you do wake up.

Have you ever used a wake up call app? What do you think is the best way to wake up? Drop me a comment below and tell me your opinion!


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