How to Use a Wake Up Light Alarm on Cloudy Mornings

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Sunlight in the morning does more than just brighten up the day; it actually affects your state of mind as well. That’s why it can be even harder to wake up in the morning when there’s no sun in the sky. One solution is to use sunlight therapy during the day to mimic the sun. While that’s useful, it won’t help you in the morning. For that, a lot of people have gotten interested in using a wake up light alarm.

These alarms don’t exactly mimic the sun, but they do cause you to wake up to bright light, similar to that of a sunlit morning.

How Overcast Weather Affects Waking Up

Normally, your body produces serotonin when waking up to sunlight. It also stops the production of melatonin, which is the chemical responsible for making you feel tired and comfortable in bed. That’s why it usually feels easier to wake up on a bright, sunny morning than to wake up in overcast, dreary weather.

When you wake up to cloudy skies and no sun consistently, you will dread mornings and have a difficult time waking up every day. Some people turn to coffee as a pick-me-up, but that’s not a great solution. Instead, try to beat out the root cause and make your mornings easier instead.

If the problem is that you wake up without serotonin production and with too much melatonin still being produced, then you need to switch that formula and trigger the right morning combination.

What is a Wake Up Light Alarm?

One effective way to start your day off right is to use a wake up light alarm clock. These alarms use gradual sunrise simulations to help trigger the natural waking up process. By the time the clock is at full light, you may be awake without any noise having to be played.

One of the main advantages of these types of alarms is that you can use them anytime to create the ideal morning wakeup situation. You can sleep in a pitch-black room and wake up to a simulated sunny morning. Most people start to naturally wake up once they have been using a wake up light alarm for about a week.

Some wake up light alarms come with a variety of other features to add to the experience. You can get these alarms with an additional sunset simulation that helps you to fall asleep at night. This feature is the opposite of the morning wakeup, and helps your body produce the right chemicals to put you to sleep instead. You can also set the alarm to wake you up with a sound if the light alone doesn’t work in the morning.

How to Wake Up Energized on a Cloudy Day

Getting energy in the morning isn’t always easy. But, wake up light alarms are a good solution that most people can utilize. Once you actually wake up, you need to get moving immediately. Get out of bed, do a quick workout, and drink a full glass of water. All of this will help you to get your energy as quickly as possible.

Instead of reaching for coffee first thing in the morning, take the time to make a good breakfast. If you can’t manage that early in the morning, prepare most of your breakfast foods in the evening and get them ready for quick preparation in the morning. All of this will help you to feel much better, even if you can’t wake up to a beautiful, sunlit day every morning!


Cloudy, dreary days make it difficult to wake up in the morning. Get a good wake up light alarm if you want to have the best chance of waking up with a bit of energy. Try to improve your morning habits as well, because this can help to improve your energy levels upon waking up as well.


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