If you’ve never heard about wake up alarm clocks, then you could be missing the opportunity to wake up easier than you normally do with your basic sound alarm. The best wake up light can make your mornings a lot less stressful and help you to actually get out of bed on time.

A lot of us spend our mornings hitting the snooze button over and over on our alarms, turning alarms off in our sleep, or just waking up to be a grumpy, useless mess every morning. Wake up lights can’t necessarily make you less of a grump in the morning, but they have a good chance of helping you actually wake up for your alarm and keeping you awake instead of letting you drift back off again.

#Best Wake Up Light Available 2019#

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1Philips HF3520
2Philips HF3471
3Lumie Body Clock
4Philips HF3485
5Philips HF3606

How to Use a Wake Up Light

Just like a sound-based alarm clock, a wake up light has a clock feature that you’ll set to the time you want to get up. When the time is reached, the selected alarm sound will go off and wake you up. Unlike a traditional sound-only alarm, wake up lights will turn on a dim light between 20-40 minutes before your alarm goes off.

The light gradually gets brighter as your wake up time gets closer, making your room as bright as the late morning by the time you wake up. You may even find yourself awake earlier than you intended.

Wake up lights have a variety of sound tones that can be used, many of which are more relaxing and less stressful than a traditional alarm sound. The blaring siren-type sound is more stressful than it should be, so a calmer sound paired with gradual light increases can work wonders for you in the mornings.

Benefits of Using a Wake Up Light

What are the Benefits of Wakeup Light AlarmsUsing the best wake up light for you can mean better mornings every day. Imagine a morning where you don’t have to hit the snooze button even once to wake up on time. They don’t work for everyone, but the concept it proven to work for a lot of people that are typically not “morning people”.

Here are a few of the biggest benefits:

  • Wake up less stressfully

Wake up lights help to gradually ease your body out of its REM sleep state before you open your eyes. This makes it much easier for you to actually get up in the morning after the first alarm, rather than having to listen to 2 or more alarm tones.

Also, when you’re in a lighter sleep state you can wake up to calmer and more peaceful alarm tones rather than loud and harsh tones.

  • Adjust your internal clock

Sometimes when you have to wake up at oddly early hours of the day or if you live in an area where the sun doesn’t rise until later in the morning your internal body clock gets a bit out of balance. When this happens it can become harder to sleep at night or wake up well in the morning. Wake up lights help balance you out a bit more by mimicking the bright sun as it should be when you’re waking up.

  • Avoid turning on a harsh light in the morning

Probably the worst moment in the morning for most people is having to turn on the light. The sudden burst of bright light in your previously dark room is shocking and highly unpleasant. A wake up light gradually increases the level of light in the room. By the time you open your eyes you will be used to the level of light in the room, making it a much friendlier way to wake up.

  • Improve your morning energy levels

Waking up to what feels like the morning sun helps you to feel as if this is the time that you should be waking up. When you get that kind of feeling, your energy levels will be higher and you will feel more prepared to face your day.

Why Are Wake Up Lights Better Than Alarms?

Normal alarm clocks may work for you, but how do you feel when you wake up? And how many times do you usually have to hit the snooze button?

In most cases a wake up light can be a better alternative to a traditional alarm clock. It’s an effective way to wake yourself up, you are more likely to feel better in the morning (even if you don’t become a morning person), and you will probably not have to use the snooze option at all.

If you find yourself having to set multiple alarms, snoozing the alarms too often, or just feeling awful and useless every morning, a wake up light might help you have better and easier mornings where you actually wake up after the first alarm chimes.

What to Look for in a Quality Wake Up Light

There are not many features to consider when choosing the best wake up light, but here are the few that really matter:

  • Brightness of the light

Not all wake up lights use the same brightness as each other. If you think a brighter light is necessary to wake you up or to fill your room well, looking for a higher LUM number on your wake up light. Anyone that thinks they don’t need as bright of a light can choose a lower LUM number.

  • Adjustable light settings

These don’t matter for everyone, but those that are light sensitive will absolutely need this feature to match their body preferences. The average time a light takes to getting fully bright is 30 minutes, but some units allow you to adjust how long you want that time to be instead of settling for the normal time.

  • Alarm sounds

Most wake up lights give you the choice between at least 2 or more natural sounds to help you wake up. Some also include a radio setting that a lot of people like to use instead of the nature sounds. While this shouldn’t necessarily be the deal-breaker, you ought to pay attention to it if you want to wake up completely on your own terms!

  • Type of lighting/light shape

There are a lot of different options for the type of light projected as well as the shape of the device emitting the light. Both make a different when it comes to how the light will show up in your room, how natural and warm it looks, and how easily it will wake you up.

Top 10 Best Wake Up Light Alarm Clock Reviews 2019

1. Philips HF3520

Philips HF3520
Editors rating:

The reason this wake up light is at the top of my list is because it’s not only been a consistent #1 Best Seller on Amazon, but because it has the variety of useful features to back up that claim. With this light you can wake up to a colored sunrise simulation, instead of just a plain light getting brighter. In addition to that, you can help yourself fall asleep with the sunset simulation that will naturally make you drowsy and help you drift off peacefully.

If you need a few more minutes in the morning, tap to snooze the alarm sounds for a short time so you can get a little more rest. There are 20 different brightness settings and a dimming display that won’t over-light your room at night.


  • Sunrise and sunset simulations are both included
  • Bulb does not need to be changed
  • 5 different natural wake up sounds to choose from
  • Snooze only lasts for 9 minutes, helping you avoid lazing in bed all morning
  • Two alarm time settings available


  • Programming the alarm can be annoying until you learn how to do it
  • Light can tend to be on the “cool” spectrum, not as “warm” as some other wake up lights

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2. Philips HF3471

Editors rating:

As the upgraded version of the Philips HF3470 listed above, this unit has a few more features than the previous model. It has the same upright, cylindrical shape and design of the earlier unit with a 30-minute gradual increase in light given off. Choose between 3 different natural wake up sounds, an FM radio, and an alarm tone to get you going if the light alone isn’t enough.

You can choose the level of light given off by the lamp to help with any light sensitivity you may have. When you flick the alarm off in the morning, the lamp will stay on for a while longer to help you see easily in the morning without having to turn on a separate light.

Included in this newer model is the diminishing light mode for evening use. Just as the gradual increase of light can help you wake up well, a gradual decrease in light may help you fall asleep better at night.


  • Warm glow from the replaceable halogen bulb
  • 100% UV free light rays are safe for use
  • Addition of the diminishing light mode can help you sleep and wake up more easily


  • May only last for around 2 years before some sound features stop working well

3. Lumie Body Clock Active 250

Lumie Body Clock Active 250
Editors rating:

This is a versatile wake up light alarm that a lot of people like, except for the one flaw that’s worth mentioning here. People have said that it’s a bit difficult to program as there are a lot of non-descript buttons that don’t show exactly what they do. Keep the user manual close by for the first few weeks!

Otherwise, it’s an effective wake up light featuring sunrise and sunset simulations to help you fall asleep and wake up more naturally. The device is said to have a smart display that will dim the backlight on the time display when your lights are off at night so that it doesn’t disturb you in your sleep.

There are 6 different sounds you can wake up to if the light isn’t enough, including an FM radio, white noise, and nature sounds. A traditional alarm beeper is also an option if you prefer to wake up to that sound instead.


  • Light bulb is replaceable
  • Many options for customizing your experience
  • Lumie is a trusted UK brand for wake up light alarms
  • Battery backup saves your alarm settings in a power flicker


  • Time display is 24-hour only, not 12-hour
  • Controls are not intuitive

4. Philips HF3510

Philips HF3510
Editors rating:

This is another Philips circular unit that has a good list of the necessary features. Here you’ll get the 30-minute gradual light increase to wake you up, 3 natural wake up sounds, UV-free light, and adjustable light settings.

The light in the morning is a sunrise simulator with a warm glow that will help you adjust to the light more naturally. You can also turn on the sunset simulator and nature sounds to help you fall asleep when you go to bed at night. Use it as a bedside lamp with a light bright enough to read in the dark.

All the buttons are touch sensitive, including the snooze and all adjustment buttons. This makes it easy for you to do whatever you need to on this light without having to hold it with both hands to click each of the buttons or flick levers.


  • Rounded shape is attractive and modern
  • Light can get very bright; great for heavy sleepers or dark locations
  • Wake up before the alarm sounds even start to play


  • Sunrise simulator is not colored as in some other models
  • Wake up sounds might be too quiet for a heavy sleeping person

5. PYRUS Sunrise Wake Up Alarm

PYRUS Sunrise Wake Up Alarm
Editors rating:

This circular wake up light offers all the essentials, plus a few other nifty features. It has the option to glow different colors, instead of sticking only to the traditional sunrise color scheme. This can be fun when you’re using it as a lamp or for ambient lighting in your room.

There are 5 natural alarm sounds or the FM radio that you can pick from to wake you up in the morning. Whichever sound you choose, it will begin to play after the 30-minute wake up light cycle has finished and the light is at its brightest. If you want a few more minutes to doze off, you can hit the snooze button and delay the alarm for a few a little bit longer.

Because it uses LED lights, you can expect a long life from the bulbs, and you should not have to change them during the entire life of the clock.


  • Multiple ambient light color settings for mood lighting or relaxation
  • Options for battery or corded electric power
  • Works well as an alarm and a bedside lamp
  • Looks sleek and modern in your room


  • Only 1 alarm can be set at once
  • No option for light-only wake up mode
  • Can be difficult to program

6. Verilux Rise and Shine Alarm Clock

Verilux Rise and Shine Alarm Clock
Editors rating:

Although this wake up light has a unique shape when compared with other similar lights, don’t let that turn you off to the product itself. This is actually a pretty good alarm that offers a lot of options and a few great features to make your mornings easier.

The 8 buttons on this unit can demonstrate to you how highly adjustable it is. There are options to change the duration of both the sunrise and the sunset simulations, as well as options to dim the light’s brightness at full power and to choose which sound you want to hear upon waking up. Your choice for wake up sounds include the FM radio, 2 musical sounds, and 4 natural sounds without music.

Options for when the alarm should sound and how many alarms can be set at once are limited. Of course there are the basic options of time for the alarm, but you cannot choose which days of the week the alarm should or shouldn’t function, and you also cannot set more than one alarm at a time.


  • Battery backup is an option on this wake up alarm clock
  • Light is not too bright at full power, making it good for sensitive eyes
  • Can be used as a night light at lower powers


  • Setup can be a bit complicated, but you have the manual to guide you
  • Speakers are fairly low quality

7. Nature Bright Sun Bliss

Nature Bright Sun Bliss
Editors rating:

As a light therapy device and a wake up light, you can get a lot of benefits from this device during the cloudy winter months. Turn on the 10,000 LUX LED light to mimic the sun during cloudy, dreary days and use the gradual wake up light to make your body believe you’re waking up to a bright sunny morning.

This is a portable light that makes it easy to get your wake up light benefits while you’re traveling anywhere in the world. The power adaptor is universal and converts power to the correct voltage needed, meaning you can use it overseas and domestically.

LED diffusion lenses are used to protect your eyes from getting injured by the bright light. Along with the light for waking up, there is also a gentle alarm tone to get you awake and alert.


  • Good for light therapy and waking up
  • Battery backup helps you keep your set alarm times even with power outages
  • This device is very small and compact, making it perfect for travel or a crowded nightstand
  • Clock display turns off at night to avoid disturbing you


  • Menu adjustments are not intuitive you will probably need the manual to figure it out
  • Light can be cooler rather than a warm glow

8. Philips HF3606

Philips HF3606
Editors rating:

For a simpler wake up light, try the Philips HF3606. It’s not the best wake up light for those who need more features, but it’s great for simplicity and ease of use. With a 30-minute gradual increase of light, 2 pleasant wake up sounds (or FM radio), and a warm yellow light you will be in good shape to wake up well in the morning.

The circular shape of the device is a nice addition to your nightstand, and it has rubber on the bottom to hold it in place and help it stay up properly. Touch the snooze button to get a few more minutes of quiet before getting up.

Buttons for adjusting the light are also touch sensitive, making it a bit easier to change what you need to with one hand. This wake up clock doesn’t take up too much space on your nightstand, and it will help you to wake up more naturally than before.


  • Wake up light function works very well to gradually increase the light in your room
  • Light can be turned on as a lamp
  • Lightweight and easy for traveling


  • No battery backup; beware of flickering power outages
  • Display is a bit bright at night for some and cannot be adjusted

9. BioBrite Sunrise Clock Radio

BioBrite Sunrise Clock Radio
Editors rating:

While this wake up light looks a little unconventional, it works well as a sunrise and sunset simulator to get your sleep schedule on the right track. Replace your lamp with it, as it can also act as a convenient reading lamp if you turn it on and adjust the brightness to your preferred level.

Battery backup will make sure you wake up at the right time every morning, even if the power flicks out in the middle of the night. This is reassuring, as it’s only about half of the wake up lights on the market that have this feature built-in.

Play a beeper sound or FM radio to wake you up if the light itself doesn’t do the trick. This model is built for US outlets only and won’t work for traveling overseas unless you have a voltage adaptor, but it’s great for use at your home in the US and can help you wake up more naturally every morning.


  • Up to 24 hours of battery backup
  • Weekday and weekend alarm settings are great for forgetful people
  • Use it as a sleep aid, a wake up light, or a lamp
  • Frosted glass bulb cover, not plastic


  • Button setup and controls are hard to manage
  • Bulb burnt out quickly for some reviewers – though it is replaceable

10. Philips 3500 Wake-up Light

Philips 3500 Wake-up Light
Editors rating:

This Philips brand wake up light has all the essential features of a great lighted alarm clock. There is a sunrise simulation with white LED lights, a tap snooze feature, light brightness settings, and a lamp light mode. The sunrise simulation has a 30-minute timer until the full brightness is reached. Brightness can be adjusted up to 200 lux.

Even after you hit the tap to snooze, you can still be woken up again by the backup alarm chime. This helps you ensure that you’ll always wake up at the right time and now oversleep. When you want to read with some dim light at night, you can turn on the lamp mode at low brightness.


  • Attractive design with a chic, modern look
  • Essential features and great functionality
  • Alarm sound gradually grows louder to wake you up more effectively
  • Works well as a bedside lamp


  • No sunset simulation
  • Limited alarm chime sounds
  • Clock display cannot be turned off at night, although the brightness can be lowered


Looking for the best wake up light alarm clocks? Check out the reviews listed here and see which ones sound good and which are not that interesting. Make sure you first read the beginning to find out what you should be looking for in the best wake up light!

Overall, the winner for me has to be the Philips HF3520. There’s a reason it’s on the top of the list! This wake up light has exactly the right features that you would want for a device like this, including the naturally colored wake up light and the 5 different natural wake up sounds.

So, if you’re looking at finding the best wake up light, Philips HF3520 is a sure winner, although the others on this list can also accommodate you if you need a few good alternatives!