Review of the Philips HF3471 Wake Up Light Alarm

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Wake up light alarm clocks are a fantastic idea for making your wake up easier. With a device like the Philips HF3471, you can get out of bed happier and feel more energetic in the mornings. This kind of alarm might not work well for everyone, but in research done on the topic, more than 90% of people using the wake up lights reported having better mornings with more energy.

Philips HF3471 is one of the popular models that you can find being recommended by a lot of people. But, why do people like it? Is it worth the price or not? Let’s go over the facts about this light up alarm together and find out.

Who Should Buy the Philips HF3471?

The HF3471 is a great alarm for anyone that needs a little extra help getting up in the morning, especially if you live in darker areas or if you wake up before the sun each day. This specific clock is ideal for those that like a warmer light, because the Halogen bulb used gives off a pleasantly warm light that’s unlike the colder LED lights.

Benefits of This Wakeup Light Alarm

What makes this wake up light useful? When you use the Philips HF3471 wake up light alarm, you can expect these benefits:

  • Wake up happier and with more energy

Wake up light alarms like this one activate your body’s natural processes for waking up. Your body is programmed to respond to light in the morning and wake up gradually, which is exactly what this light mimics. This will make your mornings happier, because your body will wake up like it’s supposed to instead of being abruptly shocked awake.

  • Easy to use and very convenient in the morning

The difference this wake up light has from other models is that it has a very convenient lever you can flick to turn the alarm off in the morning. Once you flick the lever the light will stay on, but the noise will stop. You can use the light as a lamp and it will automatically turn off after a certain period of time, helping you avoid the sudden brightness of turning on your light in the morning as well as the issue of falling back asleep after turning your alarm off.

Comparison Between Philips HF3470 and HF3471

You may have noticed while you’ve been looking for wake up lights that there are some Philips lights which are similar. In particular, the Philips HF3471 is very similar to another model, the Philips HF3470. Actually, the HF3471 is the upgraded version and one of the newer models.

Many of the same features exist on both lights, but the Philips HF3470 does not have the sunset simulation, it only features 2 wake up sounds, and the sounds are said to be a bit less realistic and more annoying. Those are the main differences between the two wake up lights, and the HF3471 has replaced the older model, which is no longer being produced and sold.

So, if you wanted a Philips HF3470, consider the 3471 instead, as it’s an upgraded version of this older model that has many of the best-loved features and a few more great additions and changes.

Features of the Philips HF3471 Wake Up Light Alarm

These are the main features of the wake up light alarm:

  • Sunrise and sunset simulations

You can wake up to a 30-minute sunrise simulation and fall asleep to an adjustable length sunset simulation which is programmed to your convenience.

  • 4 Wakeup choices: 3 natural sounds and the FM radio

Three natural wake up sounds are programmed into the alarm to help wake you up if the light alone doesn’t do the trick, or you can use the FM radio setting. All of the wake up sounds gradually build up, rather than starting at full blast like a traditional alarm clock.

  • Light is UV free

This Halogen bulb wake up light produces UV-free light that won’t damage your eyes or skin when it’s on, even at full brightness.

  • Adjustable brightness settings

Change between 20 different brightness settings to one that suits you the best for waking up peacefully. You can also adjust the brightness of the clock light to something that won’t disturb you as you sleep.

  • Lever switch to turn off the alarm

The alarm is turned off with a small lever on one side of the clock. This turns off the sounds and leaves the light on as a convenient lamp for you to use in the morning.

  • Lamp setting with 20 adjustable brightness settings

If you want to use this light as a lamp, you can turn the light on at any time on any of the usual brightness settings.

  • Replaceable Halogen light bulb

If your bulb dies, the Halogen bulb used is replaceable with a store-bought bulb of similar specs and size.

  • Limited one year warranty

The manufacturer offers a limited warranty for up to one year on this product.

Pros and Cons

What did Philips do well on this alarm, and in what ways does it fall short of expectations? Here a bit of the good and the bad for you to evaluate:


  • Sound gradually increases with the light, rather than turning on at full volume
  • Halogen bulbs cast a warm glow of light
  • Easy to turn the alarm off or snooze
  • Light stays on when you turn the alarm sounds off – use it as a lamp in the morning
  • Turn on the FM radio any time


  • No battery backup
  • Alarm is somewhat large for tight spaces in your room

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Many people have something to say about the Philips HF3471 wake up light alarm, with both good and bad comments. Most of the positive comments revolve around how well the light works, the sunset simulation feature, and the adjustable brightness settings. Negatives that were pointed out are that there isn’t a battery backup and that there aren’t enough wake up sounds to choose from.

A lot of people don’t like that there are only 3 sounds to choose between, plus the FM radio. The birds chirping sound is the most commonly praised sound, but some reviewers are just not content with that being the only real sound available that they can use to help wake up in the morning. There aren’t any options for waking up to your own custom playlists either, which bothers some people more than others.

The lack of a battery backup is also an issue that’s mentioned, especially by people who experience little interruptions in their power at night. Unfortunately, the clock resets if there is a slight loss of power, so if that is an issue where you live than this might not be the best alarm for you unless you have a backup alarm set as well.

However, even more Philips HF3471 reviews mentioned the great things about the alarm, such as how well it actually works. Many people really like how it works as well as its advertised; it’s said to be reliable and helps to wake you up just as it should.

The sunset simulation (also called the dusk simulation) is also a much-appreciated addition to this alarm, because it can help you fall asleep more easily. Just as the gradual increase of light alerts your brain that it’s time to wake up, the gradual reduction of light signals that it’s time to sleep instead.

Being able to adjust the brightness of the wake up light itself as well as the clock face is a plus for many people that have purchased this light. Some people like the brightness much lower when they wake up, and most people light the clock to be as dim as possible at night to keep it from disturbing them as they are falling asleep.


If all you want is a wake up light that’s easy to use, simple, and a model that actually works like it should than you might really like this wake up light. It’s convenient and doesn’t have a lot of random features that make it too complex. Anyone that wants a lot of extra features such as a huge amount of wake up sounds or multiple alarms should look at some of the other models of wake up lights.

Philips is known for making reliable products that work well, and the Philips HF3471 is no exception to that. It has everything it needs to work for almost anyone that needs a wake up light, and is a great addition to your bedside table!

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