How to Use the Best Body Pillow Instead of a Regular Pillow

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While you sleep, your spine and neck will be held in roughly the same position all night. It’s important that you make sure you’re supporting yourself properly at night. One question that’s brought up a lot is how many pillows you should be using to sleep at night. The answer changes depending on a few variables for each person. I also want to show you how the best body pillow might be a good replacement for multiple pillows.

Your Sleep Posture and Pillows

The best sleep posture is to have you neck at a straight line compared to your shoulders and back. Your spine should be straight, not bent. To accomplish this, most people use at least one pillow under their head to remove the angled resting of the neck. Too many pillows will make your neck point at a higher angle, whereas not using a pillow with point it downwards onto the mattress instead.

Another pillow is sometimes hugged and cuddled at night or put between the legs to give more back support. Keeping the right posture is vital to waking up with a comfortable and well rested body. If you’re uncomfortable at night, you won’t wake up feeling as rested and relaxed each day. Pillows can aid in making you more comfortable and giving you the great rest you need, as long as they’re used right!

How Many Pillows Should You Be Using?

Advice does differ on pillows. Because there are different types and sizes of pillows, it’s impossible to list a number without giving some other guidance also. It’s recommended that you use at least one pillow for your head and neck at night. This pillow should be large and comfortable enough to keep your neck straight and relieve the angle that would normally be present without a pillow. If it’s too small, it won’t be supportive, and if it’s too large and fluffy than it might create another angle the other direction.

Leg pillows and pillows for holding can be larger and fluffier, as long as they don’t put any of your other body parts in awkward positions at night. Any pillow between your legs should be big enough to help keep your knees from pressing against each other at night, and also make your hips straight.

Some people enjoy using two pillows underneath their heads. While this may feel comfortable, it’s not a good idea unless you can keep the right angle between your neck and spine. If the doctor has recommended you to prop yourself up because of some illness or disorder, then you can use multiple pillows for that health reason. You might consider propping your entire back up to try to maintain a straight line and keep your spine as healthy and comfortable as possible.

How to Sleep Comfortably with a Body Pillow

Instead of dealing with a handful of pillows at night, a body pillow might be a better option. It’s also useful if you need the extra support, but you don’t want to mess with arranging multiple pillows every night. The best body pillow will wrap from your head down to your legs and give you full-body support where you need it the most.

Some body pillows are C-shaped and fit perfectly under your head and your legs. They can be brought in front of you to hold at night or behind you to support your back even more. Other types of body pillows are U-shaped, and they rest on both sides of you as well as under your head.

Depending on your sleep situation, there may be a best body pillow for that intended use. For instance, pregnant women have body pillows designed for them to be well supported and very comfortable without a whole collection of small pillows. Those with certain sleep disorders can also find body pillows helpful for their added whole-body support.


Instead of messing with a few pillows at night or feeling crackly and uncomfortable in the morning, it can be a better idea to just look for the best body pillow you can and use that. Body pillows are more comfortable than a few separate pillows for most people, so maybe that will be true for you as well, and you’ll finally get the rest you want!


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