How to use a Light Therapy Lamp for your Mood Shifts?

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Using a light therapy lamp to treat the seasonal affective disorders symptoms could be the best solution for controlling your mood shifts. Though people might think of going on a medication to make sure they get the right solution for their seasonal affective disorder symptoms. Using light therapy for the best kind of results is the most effective way to treat a person’s mood issues that are caused by seasonal changes.

Not all of the people have such issues, rather if you are a young woman having a history of depression in the family members may be more prone to such seasonal affective disorder symptoms as compared to the average people.

People who are affected by the SAD symptom are sensitive to the dim light or lack of sufficient sunlight that cases the induction and production of the neurotransmitter Melatonin which gives rise to feelings of depression, sluggishness and various fatigue symptoms. Such issues arise in winters or in autumn season when people are not getting enough daylight.

In such cases, there is an increased need of obtaining enough intensity of light so that the person’s mood can be elevated to some extent.

Light therapy using the light therapy lamps is one of the best and most effective natural ways to help people suffering from SAD issues. A light therapy lamp or a light box is a lamp having an intensely bright light that is 20 times brighter than an average light. This can be used as a part of phototherapy for SAD patients.

Though the light is very much effective in treating SAD some people may not get the results too often and the reasons are pretty simple, they might not be using the lamp or the phototherapy the way it should be.

So, to avoid disappointment and increase the chances of success when using the light therapy lamp, here are a few important tips to help you use it correctly:

Choose the correct lamp for therapy and not the ordinary light

As stated earlier the light therapy lamp used for SAD are different in many ways and are not the same as ordinary lights. So, you need to choose a well-designed light therapy lamp that offers 10,000 lux or more intensity for treating the SAD symptoms. Choosing the right lamp is surely an important thing when you need to benefit from the light therapy at its best.

Make sure to position the lamp correctly

It is better to position the light correctly. The best direction would be on your face or on the eye area and above. This affects the brain waves and helps in reducing the sleep hormone.

Try to manage the time taken per session

The light therapy lamps affect the mood perfectly when it used with theproper timeline. In case you have a low-intensity lamp or have more mood shifts, you may use the light for a longer period of time whereas, with brighter and intense light, you may use it for a shorter period of time.

Make sure to keep the distance properly arranged

The distance should be 2 feet or enough to have the light falling on you. You should not be too away or too close to have some disturbance.

After you have set up the lamp at the right position with the right angle and for the right length of time, you should make sure to use it consistently on a daily basis to see the desired results. Because of the fact if you use the light sparingly there might be no visible mood improvement in that case.

The light should be used in the morning for about 20 minutes or sometimes 30 minutes. Though if you have severe mood problems or SAD affects, you may prolong it for 60 minutes as it would not hurt you in anyways. You may also carry on your daily table activities in the morning during the light therapy like having breakfast, tea or coffee or reading newspaper etc. nothing will lower the effect of the light in anyways.

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