What to Do When You Feel Uncomfortable in Bed at Night

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Sleeping may seem simple, but when you’re trying too hard to get sleep it seems to stay away from you the whole night. If you’ve ever had problems like insomnia or feeling uncomfortable in bed, you know that finding a solution is vital to getting a good night’s rest. While insomnia can be more complex, I want to talk about how to help with discomfort in bed using the best white noise machine, best body pillow, and a few other methods.


Feeling Uncomfortable at Night

Have you ever stayed awake at night tossing and turning, because your body feels completely uncomfortable lying in bed? This is not an uncommon problem, but it is certainly a very unfortunate one to try to deal with! At the time, it might feel like a hopeless effort, as if you’ll never be able to beat the discomfort. However, there are a few things you can try to get yourself comfortable and ready for sleep.

Common Causes of Discomfort

What causes your body to be uncomfortable at night? When you are drifting off to sleep, your body dulls its sensory perception, specifically for the sensation of touch. This helps you to stay asleep, even with slight touches throughout the night, such as a fly landing on you or an accidental nudge from your spouse. Another side effect of this sensory dulling mechanism is that your bed feels amazingly comfortable when you wake up.

So, why doesn’t it feel comfy when you’re falling asleep? If you’re lying in bed awake and unable to drift off the sleep, your body is not going to activate the automatic sensory dulling. Because of this, you won’t be able to get as comfortable lying in your own bed, and you may have to try something new to actually get comfortable. If you continue to lie down in bed, it will only get worse and worse!

Sometimes, discomfort is not the result of failing to sleep or relax, but it’s actually the direct result of an uncomfortable sleeping position. There are so many different positions you can sleep in, but some are better for your body and more comfortable than others. If you’re unable to get comfortable, even when you’re tired, you may need to do something about your sleeping position.

What to Do When You’re Restless at Night

If you’re feeling uncomfortable because you’re too awake and can’t seem to relax, there are a lot of things you can try that may help you. Check out my article about “Relaxation Tips for Sleep” for a larger list. Here I just want to talk about two particular methods of calming down and relaxing to fall asleep: body pillows and white noise machines.

Using a white noise machine for sleep can help your mind relax and fall asleep more easily. If you’re like some people, you already enjoy having a fan on at night to help you sleep. That is because fans, like white noise machines, can produce a little bit of sound on every audible frequency, which in turn distracts your brain from other sounds that you might have heard otherwise.

When you choose the best white noise machine for your room, you should look for a sound that relaxes you. Ideally, it should be almost hard to notice in the background. But, this will help to muffle other noises that might otherwise keep you awake and alert, such as neighbors walking in the apartment above you, barking dogs, or a snoring partner.

Body pillows also help you get to sleep more easily and avoid discomfort. Even pregnant women can get more comfortable using a body pillow. These pillows are meant to help support every part of your body without causing strain on another part. They tuck between the legs, wrap around the back or front (or both), and rest underneath your head as well.

Choosing the best body pillow means looking at how you like the sleep and seeing which parts of your body are the most uncomfortable. Some body pillows are meant to help certain types of people, such as pregnant women or those with back pain, while others cover more general discomfort.


Comfort is one of the most frustrating things to try to deal with. Being uncomfortable in bed prevents you from falling asleep or staying in a restful state. But, if you pay attention to what may be causing your discomfort, you can then start to combat this feeling and become more comfortable at night.

Using the best body pillow you can find works for a lot of people, because these pillows are just great for helping give your body support. Choosing the best white noise machine for sleep can also be a good solution for you, if this an area that keeps you alert and uncomfortable at night. Find out what your problem is, and see if these two common items can help you sleep better!

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