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How to Use the Best Body Pillow Instead of a Regular Pillow

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While you sleep, your spine and neck will be held in roughly the same position all night. It’s important that you make sure you’re supporting yourself properly at night. One question that’s brought up a lot is how many pillows you should be using to sleep at night. The

How to Use a Wake Up Light Alarm on Cloudy Mornings

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Sunlight in the morning does more than just brighten up the day; it actually affects your state of mind as well. That’s why it can be even harder to wake up in the morning when there’s no sun in the sky. One solution is to use sunlight therapy during

What’s the Best Way to Sleep with a Nightlight On?

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Sleeping with a nightlight is a common practice for many people, both children and adults. Even if the lights aren’t directly in the room, they will be around the house and showing light within the room as you sleep. While a low light might not seem to cause any

What to Do When You Feel Uncomfortable in Bed at Night

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Sleeping may seem simple, but when you’re trying too hard to get sleep it seems to stay away from you the whole night. If you’ve ever had problems like insomnia or feeling uncomfortable in bed, you know that finding a solution is vital to getting a good night’s rest.

Why Your Alarm Clock May Be Ruining Your Sleep and How to Stop It

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Waking up is never a fun process, especially if you always feel tired in the morning. Despite what you may think, you’re not doing yourself any favors by waking up to an alarm clock in the morning either! It can actually be worse for your body, even if it’s