What are the Benefits of Waking Up Early In The Morning

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Waking up is not the best part of most people’s day, but the timing of your wake up can have a huge impact on the rest of your day. Did you know that If you’re an early riser than you are more likely to be healthier and more successful in a lot of areas of life?

It’s true! Waking up early actually has a lot of benefits that you might not think of right off the top of your head. What are the benefits of waking up earlier in the morning? I’m going to talk about what you can gain from an early wake up and why it might be an important step in changing your life for the better.

What are the Benefits of Waking Up Early In The Morning

Why Should You Wake Up Early?

There are actually quite a number of reasons to wake up early. These include physical health benefits, lifestyle benefits, and mental health benefits. You may never actually enjoy waking up early in the morning, but it could be what you need to get ahead in your work, studies, or your life in general.

Sometimes it’s not possible to wake up early because of working late at night or other external circumstances. If this is the case for you, don’t stress about it. You can still benefit from creating a good morning routine, even if you aren’t able to wake up early. However, those who can wake up early need to consider it!

The benefits of waking up early including better academic performance, higher productivity at work, more energy throughout the day, less stress, healthier eating habits, opportunity for exercise, better sleep, and avoiding traffic during your commute to work.

How Does Waking Up Early Affect Your Health?

Your health is one of the most important parts of your life. Without good physical and mental health, you won’t have a high quality of life. Improve your health and you are likely to enjoy your life even more than you do now. How does waking up early improve your health? Here are some of the main ways an earlier wakeup can affect your health, both mentally and physically:

1. Lower Stress Levels

Waking up in the early in the morning almost guarantees you some amount of quiet and peace before the rest of the world starts moving. This calm time can help you plan out your day and get mentally prepared for everything, therefore lowering your stress as the day progresses. A few moments of calm in the morning will set the pace for the entirety of your day!

2. Healthier Eating

Waking up early means you have a better chance of being able to eat a good breakfast. This is one of the more important meals of the day, and it is a big mistake to skip it. If you’re always waking up late you might skip breakfast or grab something unhealthy on the way out the door. Early risers have the chance to eat something that’s better for them and will sustain them for longer. Starting out your day with a healthy meal often makes you want to continue eating healthy all day.

3. Opportunities for Exercise

Throughout the day there are fewer opportunities to exercise than you might imagine. Even if you prefer exercising in the evening, you may not get that opportunity every evening. But, If you plan to exercise in the morning you are more likely to follow through and end up doing your daily routine regularly.

4. Better Sleep

Waking up earlier encourages you to go to sleep earlier, leading to a better bedtime routine and usually more sleep. In addition, the sleep you do get will be better sleep, as you are more likely to feel tired at night. This helps you fall asleep more quickly and stay asleep longer.

5. More Energy

Waking up well in the morning helps you maintain a higher energy level all day. This is especially true if you wake up in the early morning with the sunrise, as this natural morning light gets your body into the right state to begin the day! You can also use a wake up light alarm to simulate the early morning sunrise and get some of the same wakeup benefits as you would if you were up with the sunrise.

Are There Any Non-Health Benefits to Waking Up Early?

Besides these fantastic health benefits, studies have also shown that people are more productive and more academically successful when they wake up early versus waking up late. This has a lot to do with the benefits listed above, because lower stress, more energy, and a good breakfast are all known to contribute heavily to your performance at work or school.

Another benefit that’s worth mentioning is that you will be able to avoid nasty traffic jams that happen when everyone is heading to work at the same time. Since you’ll be up earlier, you can leave just a few minutes early and stay out of the jams!

How Can I Wake Up Early More Easily?

Waking up earlier isn’t always easy, but I’ve written a separate piece to help you get your new wake up schedule on track! How to Wake Up Early in the Morning

A few general points of advice are to do it in smaller increments, such as waking up 15 – 30 minutes earlier every 2 days to get your body used to it slowly.

You can also use something like a wake up light alarm to make it easier for you to wake up in a good state of mind, even when you’re getting up earlier than usual. Wake up lights help your body get into a lighter sleep state before you wake up, so they do wonders for those who are not normally “morning people”!


It’s not always fun waking up early in the morning, but for those who can motivate themselves to do it there are benefits waiting! Better health and a potentially better life could be the end results of you training yourself to wake up earlier in the morning.

When do you normally wake up, and is it working well for everything you want to do? Do you have any tips on how to wake up early? Let me know in the comments below!





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