What Are the Benefits of Exercise in the Morning?

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Exercise. Does this word ever make you feel guilty about the lack of workouts in your life or anxious about the next time you plan to work out? Those reactions are fairly normal, but actually can be damaging to your desire to continue working out and reach your goals.

If you’re not feeling excited at all about exercising and you just aren’t seeing the benefits, it’s possible you’re doing it wrong. Studies show that exercising in the morning and doing a few specific types of exercises during those early hours can give you more benefits than working out at any other time of the day. What are the benefits of exercise in the morning?

What Are the Benefits of Exercise in the Morning

How Can Morning Exercise Be Good for Your Routine?

So, you’re not a morning person. That’s understandable. Some people have a hard time getting up early and doing something productive and useful in the morning hours. However, it’s actually the best time to exercise if you want to keep a solid daily routine going.

Why does morning exercise help your routine? Here are a few good reasons why:

It’s easier to not skip a morning workout

Yes, waking up might be a bit difficult some mornings, but it’s even more difficult to avoid piling up small tasks at the end of the day. Is it easier to force yourself to wake up 15 minutes earlier or to try to get in a workout in the afternoon or evening when you’re busy, lacking energy, and distracted? Most people agree that mornings are the best time if you want to avoid skipping a workout.

Encourage discipline

It’s hard to get up early to start exercising, but if you can manage to keep a good routine of waking up and exercising than you will teach yourself the valuable skill of self-discipline.

Prepare yourself for the rest of the day

Exercising first thing after you wake up is going to make the rest of your day better. You will be more focused and you’re going to feel more confident because you have already accomplished something during the early hours. Success follows success.

Feel more confident

It’s easier to feel great about yourself when you are exercising! This is true because of the physical hormones released, the better overall health, and the perception you’re going to gain about your body.

What Health Benefits Does Morning Exercise Encourage?

Your body will be thanking you for your morning workouts! It’s not that afternoon and evening workouts don’t also have benefits for you, but when you exercise in the morning you can get some extra benefits as well. Here are the main ways you stand to gain from getting your workout on in the morning hours:

1. Increased metabolism

Increasing your metabolism in the morning equals to better digestion and less fat build-up through the rest of the day. During a workout you will be using a lot more oxygen than normal. Afterwards, it takes some time for your body to get back to normal usage of everything it amped up during the workout.

A phenomenon known as Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) occurs after a morning workout and effectively speeds up your metabolism for hours following your workout routine.

Looking to lose weight or cut down some body fat? This is the way to go for you. You can do the same routine you’ve been doing at night, but get more benefit from doing it earlier in the day.

2. Higher energy levels

It might sound counter-intuitive, but working out in the morning can actually give you more energy throughout the day. Getting up and moving first thing after waking up makes your body instantly awake and active.

From that point on you won’t feel as if you’re having a case of the “Mondays” or struggling to get through the afternoon slump. These things might still happen to some extent, but less than before with your newly increased energy supply.

3. Better mood

Getting active in the morning starts the release of some fantastic hormones like endorphins, the happy hormones. Having these release in the early hours before you get stressed out or have the drama of the day laid out on you will give you an enormously better day overall. Your mood will definitely improve once you get those endorphins flowing around your body in the AM.

4. Sleep more deeply

Exercising in the morning and continuing on with your day will give you a satisfying fatigue by the end of the day. When you feel both physically and mentally tired you will fall asleep quickly and easily and go into a deeper sleep state than before. This leads to a great rest that rejuvenates you by the morning time!

5. Improved focus

It’s a proven fact that after exercising in the morning you will be able to focus better during the rest of the day, especially the late morning and early afternoon. Early exercise means you will wake up and clear away the foggy brain feeling before your actual days starts.

Which Workouts Are Best for the Morning?

Now that you know a bit more about why it’s a great idea to exercise in the morning, here’s a few tips about what to include in your morning workout to get the most benefits:

Running or walking

If you’re going for a run or a fast-paced walk you won’t really need to do anything else. It’s a good cardio workout on its own and will give you the morning workout benefits described above. Just make sure to stretch afterwards!

Intense cardio interval training

Any morning workout needs to include at least a few minutes of explosive cardio work to get your blood pumping quickly and help you wake up properly.

Stretching exercises

Stretching is great for your body during and after a workout. It’s especially great in the mornings and will make you feel so much more relaxed throughout the day.

15 – 30 minute workouts

Don’t overdo it first thing. Save some of your energy for the rest of the day and just do a shorter workout. You will still get a lot of benefits.

Focus on what you want to improve

If there’s a certain section of your body you want to work out and improve the most or a specific goal you have in mind, structure your workouts in a way that will help you meet this goal. For example, don’t waste your time running 3 times a week if you only want to grow larger biceps. Concentrate on what you want to gain from the exercise.


The word is out. Morning exercise routines can be more beneficial to you than any other workout times. You’ll be feeling more energetic, keeping a better daily routine, and actually seeing results in your goals instead of consistently failed workout experiences.

What do you think of morning workouts? Have you noticed the positive effects I’ve mentioned? Let me know what you think or if you have anything to add in the comments below!


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