Why Your Alarm Clock May Be Ruining Your Sleep and How to Stop It

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Waking up is never a fun process, especially if you always feel tired in the morning. Despite what you may think, you’re not doing yourself any favors by waking up to an alarm clock in the morning either! It can actually be worse for your body, even if it’s better for your schedule. What makes an alarm clock a bad idea? And can something else, like a natural wake up, phone call alert wake up, or a wake up light alarm do a better job?


Does It Matter HOW You Wake Up?

According to a study done by University of Munich professor Till Roenneberg, our bodies shouldn’t have to be awoken forcefully with an alarm clock. When you deprive your body of sleep instead of letting it get the rest it needs, and then you jerk yourself awake with a harm alarm, you are actually making your “sleep debt” worse. The more sleep debt you have, the harder it will be to wake up in the morning and the more tired you’ll feel all day.

So, it actually does matter how you wake up in the morning. You can do your body a lot of good by adjusting your sleeping pattern and wake ups to fit your body’s natural desire for rest.

Following Your Body’s Natural Rhythm

There is a system in your brain that creates a natural rhythm of waking and sleeping times for your body. It is strongly affected by light and darkness, which is why your normal sleep schedule might be giving you problems. If you regularly sleep late at night or if you have to wake up before the sun, you will disturb your body’s natural rhythm, called the Circadian rhythm.

Alarm clocks are particularly bad about this, because they usually feature a snooze button. These buttons are some of the worst inventions to ever be put on an alarm for the morning! Hitting the snooze button prolongs the process of waking up, which actually leaves you feeling more tired and drowsy when you finally do get up.

Instead of jerking awake to an annoying alarm or hitting the snooze button endlessly and worsening your fatigue problem, there are other methods that can help you reset your Circadian rhythm and make waking up a lot more pleasant. Wake up alarms are among the best at helping you wake up naturally, although there are also excellent sleep cycle alarm clock apps for your phone, which may help you if you have the right equipment.

How Wake Up Lights Help Your Circadian Rhythm

Wake up Light Alarm clocks are meant to trigger the body’s natural response to light and help you wake up in a lighter sleep state. Your body automatically starts the process of waking up when bright lights similar to the sun are detected by your eyes. So, to help you jumpstart your morning, a wake up light simulates the sunrise for between 20-40 minutes. At the end of that timeframe, if you’re still not awake, a natural and non-intrusive sound is played to help you wake up fully.

Most people that use these types of alarms might have a short adjustment period for the first week or use. However, after the body adjusts to this type of alarm clock, there is a very noticeable difference. Even if you’re getting the same amount of sleep as before, your sleep will be higher quality because you will be able to wake up gently and peacefully through the natural process of gradually lighter sleep stages.

This is why wake up lights beat traditional alarm clocks as the best way to wake up with energy in the morning! Instead of forcing your body to quickly adjust to your schedule, you are slowing helping it to develop a healthier sleeping pattern at allows for full cycles of sleep to start and finish.

Others Ways to Wake Up More Naturally

Don’t want to try a wake up light alarm just yet? There are a few other things you might try instead. If you have any activity monitoring equipment, such as a Fitbit or something similar, there are many alarm apps for those devices that operate around your sleep cycles. Based on your body’s readings, the apps can tell when you are in the lightest stage of sleep near the time you need to wake up. They will then wake you up with a light vibration or a sound on your mobile device to get you going at the right time.

There is an easier and more natural way to wake up healthier.. Simply go to sleep earlier! Many studies have shown that people around the world, especially those in the US, Japan, and Europe, are not getting enough sleep at night. The minimum that most adults need is between 7.5 and 9 hours of sleep per night. If you’re not getting that much sleep, your body will not want to wake up because it’s not done sleeping yet!

The only way to make yourself naturally wake up without an alarm is to get sufficient sleep to help your body fully reset during the night. This way you will naturally wake up at the right time in the morning without the stress of alarms.


Sleeping and waking up are more complex issues than some people might have imagined. There is a lot to consider, and many different ways to achieve the same goals. Not everyone is the same, but many people have found that wake up lights are a really great way to adjust the body’s Circadian rhythm and help to get back on track for a healthy, natural sleep cycle.

Don’t let an alarm clock ruin your mornings anymore. Find a better way to get up in the morning!

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